About MLJ Construction

The Basics

MLJ Construction LLC is a construction company based out of South River New Jersey. Our area of service includes Eastern PA, NJ, and NYC. We are experienced in masonry and general construction projects including work with concrete, pavers, cinder blocks and other various materials. Doing everything from a simple sidewalk, new patio, even a new set of stairs to your home, or creating a new foundation for a home that has been raised due to risk of flood. We have many examples of us doing just that in the Gallery, and We want to help you. We have years of experience to do so, and our work speaks for itself. Give us a call and we can get you started.

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Making it easy.

Our goal is to make the sometimes confusing and troublesome tasks of home improvements and repair simple and easy. Our Motto," One call and Everything will be Done!" is something we take pride in. Just call and someone will be there to get you started.

Not to mention MLJ Construction LLC is also a fully insured construction company. So if there is an accident, or a serious problem. You will be taken care of.

If you would like to read about our services. You can do so here.

If your not convinced yet! Please take a peek at our gallery and see a few of the jobs we have done here.

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